Vision & Mission

PDC's Mission

Little Girl at Chili Cook-offThe mission of Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) is to build and support the capacity of local non-profit organizations, municipalities and individuals to enhance the overall well-being and sustainability of Pennsylvania's "core" communities.
PDC accomplishes this mission by engaging local community leaders and volunteers, and educating them, to advance the sense of place, quality of life and economic vitality of the Commonwealth's downtowns, traditional neighborhood business districts and nearby residential areas.

PDC's Vision Statement

Pennsylvania Downtown Center is recognized and valued as the premier non-profit service provider and "thought-leader" organization that advances, encourages and advocates for, core community revitalization by engaging, motivating, educating and empowering local, regional and Commonwealth-wide "Champions of Community Change."

Quality Service
Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) is a Pennsylvania-based and IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that strives to serve as the voice of Pennsylvania's downtowns and surrounding neighborhoods. PDC is a member-focused and service-oriented organization that provides assistance to communities regardless of size or financial situation.

Sound & Stable Finances
Pennsylvania Downtown Center recognizes and values the support it receives from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED). In addition to such funding (which PDC receives in exchange for contracted services to Main and Elm Street communities), PDC receives income from its members, the business community, and through fee-for-service activities. PDC actively seeks support from the philanthropic community on an ongoing basis.

Strong & Capable Organization
Pennsylvania Downtown Center has an energetic and empowered board of directors, and provides its staff with the tools and support necessary to perform at exceptional levels. PDC's staff satisfies both DCED contract responsibilities and the needs of our membership. We maintain an exceptional level of service through continued measurement of the outcomes and impact of our work.