Programs & Services

Ice Chair - Program LanderThe Pennsylvania Downtown Center is the only statewide nonprofit dedicated to the revitalization of the Commonwealth's core communities. We provide affordable services and benefits to to help engaged citizens address the unique economic and social factors that affect their communities. With help from the programs and services offered by PDC, you can make your city, town or neighborhood a better place to live.

Main Street Program

Programs - Main St. - Small LanderA successful Main Street program can help a community breathe life and energy back into its commercial district or downtown. Find out how.

Elm Street Program

Elm Street - ThumbnailHistoric neighborhoods should be an asset, not a burden. An Elm Street program can create positive change in your community.

Brownfields Program

Programs - Brownfields - Small LanderRehabilitating a Brownfield not only makes your community more attractive, it makes it a safer, cleaner place to live.

Outreach & Technical Assistance

Outreach & Technical - Small Lander

PDC offers the hands-on assistance and training necessary to make your organization's vision a reality.


Advocacy (State Capitol) - Small Lander

We believe in Pennsylvania's downtowns, and the PDC membership ensures your community has an ally in Harrisburg.