The Elm Street Five-Point Approach

In launching the Elm Street program, Pennsylvania's legislature, governor, and other state leaders invested in a bold initiative to encourage neighborhood revitalization in the commonwealth's older cities and towns. This is a brief introduction to the elements of the Elm Street Five-Point Approach to neighborhood revitalization.

Though all Elm Street neighborhoods are expected to focus on action in all five areas, inevitably each neighborhood is different and will therefore exit the planning phase with its own unique set of priorities and goals.

With the long-term goal of the Elm Street program being to enable local neighborhood revitalization leaders to achieve results, demonstrate worth, and build a sustainable program, Sustainable Organization is of the utmost importance. This priority of focus stems from PDC's many years of experience with the Main Street program. Neither downtown or neighborhood revitalization are short-term processes; both require constant attention, which calls for sustained organizational capacity.

The Five Areas of Focus are: