Getting Started

The Main Street Approach

Main St. Getting StartedIf your community plans to organize a Main Street program to revive its commercial district or reinvigorate a struggling or previously failed revitalization attempt, please take a moment to download Getting Ready for Downtown Revitalization. It contains recommendations to help you generate the local support necessary to establish a revitalization initiative, as well as to apply to PDC — your Main Street Coordinating Program — for designation as a Main Street organization.

About the Downtown Profile

The Downtown Profile's primary purpose is to provide the Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development (DCED) and Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) with common information necessary to make early stage decisions regarding a community's potential as a candidate for the Main Street program.

Secondly, the Profile provides the community itself with a greater degree of understanding of its current physical, economic, and organizational environment. All of these factors impact the implementation of a revitalization effort.

Lastly, the Profile is intended to be completed via a cohesive, community effort. While it is possible to appoint one individual to fill out the required spreadsheet, it is PDC and DCED's hope that the collection of information be a group effort. The Main Street Approach requires community buy-in and long-term involvement, and the Profile allows communities to engage residents in this process.