Nature-Based Placemaking

Nature-Based Placemaking (NBP) is an evolving, integrated revitalization theory that utilizes a community’s natural, outdoor recreational resources, the recreational activities associated with these resources and the potential economic impact of these activities.


The first step in creating a nature-based place is to recognize and embrace the natural asset as a generator for economic activity. NBP is about the connection and collaboration among the focus areas of civic, tourism and business in the following ways: civic, where the focus is on education and emotion; tourism, where the focus is on hospitality and guest services; and business, where the focus is on shopping and entertainment.  

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) has engaged Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) to develop a strategy that will address these opportunities and provide communities with the ability to develop them to their fullest potential. 

About Nature-Based Placemaking 

Nature-Based Placemaking (NBP) is the next generation of a nature-based revitalization strategy. 



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