Community Visioning

One of our most popular third party services is Community Visioning. Communities from across the commonwealth have decided that they are ready to take the future of their downtown's economic growth into their own hands.To do this, often their first call is to Pennsylvania Downtown Center.

Community VisioningAt this point, sometimes a local revitalization organization is already in place. Other times it may just be getting started. Also, when organizations inquire after applying for Main Street designation with the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), many call PDC for help developing a vision during this process.

Community Visioning, facilitated by PDC, is different from other approaches to visioning in that the focus is primarily on the economic character of the community, and secondarily on the community's physical characteristics. We incorporate the Main Street Four-Point® Approach into the Visioning Process and so, upon completion of the public meetings portion of the process, PDC establishes a committee structure for each of the following areas or four points: Organization, Design, Economic Restructuring and Promotion.

The intention of the visioning process is to encourage broad-based participation by the entire community throughout the four to five sessions of public meetings. PDC works with the community to achieve consensus in all issues. A formal vision statement is created by PDC, with the community's participation and approval. By working with the community, PDC's visioning process establishes goals and objectives for the future that ultimately evolve into an action strategy. In turn, this is incorporated into the community's Main Street goals.

During the visioning process, PDC works with your community to assist with any questions that may arise regarding organizational issues. We also work towards specific deliverables that include a broad-based Vision Statement, Five-Year Action Strategy, and map of the designated business district, PDC's goal within this process is to help prepare organizations for sustainable revitalization through a holistic examination of the community. This initiative takes a commitment from community business owners, residents, and related individuals, and carries with it the potential to make a tremendous difference, as we have seen evidenced in communities across the commonwealth.

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