Work Plan Coordination & Maintenance

Many communities are interested in some sort of revitalization effort, but are ineligible for the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) funding required to hire a Main Street or Elm Street manager. Additionally, though project funding may be available, many organizations lack the staff or skill set necessary to exclusively dedicate to ongoing coordination of specific revitalization activities.

Work Plan CoordinationPDC addresses this issue through offering Annual Work Plan Coordination as one of its technical assistance services. With this service, PDC provides a community with the ongoing services necessary to develop and implement an annual schedule of activities. The focus of the PDC staff member(s) is to ensure that the individual work activities necessary to complete the designated project(s) are on track, and that the necessary resources are available. In turn, the community's focus is to provide the necessary leg work. In practice, PDC staff meet monthly, over a 12-month period, with community volunteers in order to implement a defined set of activities. PDC staff ensures that the materials needed to complete the respective month's tasks are available and that community individuals clearly understand their work assignments for the upcoming month. At the following month's meeting, work products will be reviewed and new assignments will be laid out.

For more information about developing an annual work plan with the assistance of PDC, contact Julie Fitzpatrick, Special Projects Coordinator, at (717) 233-4675, x 112, or click here.