Regional Revitalization Network Meetings

PDC is hosting revitalization network meetings to expose an exciting new approach to community revitalization.  Please join us while we explore the ways in which we can create dynamic new regional networks of governments, non-profit organizations, colleges and universities, economic development organizations, individuals and other interested parties who desire to make their core communities – business districts and neighborhoods – a more important part of, and greater contributor to, the regional economic framework.  Based on the close correlation between Rand-McNally trade areas and Pennsylvania’s Partnership for Regional Economic Performance (PREP) areas, PDC’s new approach envisions:

  • Providing more detailed economic information to local revitalization organizations
  • Linking local revitalization efforts to the larger PREP regional strategies
  • Delivering trainings on a more tailored and regional basis
  • Coordinate resources to deal with blight issues on a regional basis
  • Aggregating applications into regional funding requests
  • Coordinating event calendars on a regional basis
  • Sharing duplicative administrative and program support services
  • Helping business districts, both big and small, find their niche with their region’s economy
  • Helping neighborhoods better define their quality of life needs and connections to the larger community
  • Helping private sector providers to deliver more affordable services within their regions
  • Conducting stronger marketing and public relations efforts within regions

And we are sure that there are many more ideas that you may have. This is the first step to creating a statewide network of dynamic revitalization partners, all focused on improving the economic vitality, preserving the architectural heritage, upgrading the physical infrastructure and enhancing the quality of life of Pennsylvania’s core communities. The meetings are designed to be relatively close to home for most people, as opposed to a centralized statewide meeting in Harrisburg.

PDC Groups and Regions Map/Basic Trade Areas

Please join us at one of these revitalization meetings.
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