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Teri Foster Award

The Teri Foster Lifetime Achievement Award

Every so often, an individual comes along who views downtown revitalization efforts not merely as a job, but as a labor of love. These rare individuals make a dramatic impact not only on an individual community, but on the entire field of downtown revitalization. In an effort to recognize these individuals who have gone above and beyond the normal requirements of their job (and for an extended period of time), Pennsylvania Downtown Center reserves this most esteemed award. This category is only open to individuals with ten or more years of experience in the downtown revitalization arena, and who have demonstrated a commitment to the Main Street or Elm Street philosophy and a deep understanding and appreciation of downtowns as the soul of community. The nature of their contributions must be evidenced through impact on more than one community, although the nominee need not necessarily have worked in more than one business district during their professional career. Due to the nature of this award, approval is required by PDC’s Executive Director and the Teri Foster Awards Committee, prior to submission to PDC executive committee for review and approval. For this award only, a nominee need not be a member of Pennsylvania Downtown Center.