PDC presents Donovan Rypkema, from PlaceEconomics for a 2 ½ day long hands-on workshop on the feasibility of the development and adaptive reuse of a historic building.

We will be holding the workshop in downtown Easton on March 13th - 15th.

2018 Nationally Accredited programs will receive a special rate of $195/person.

The registration fee:

Over the course of the 2 ½ days, PlaceEconomics will lead the workshop through the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Feasibility Assessment Manual for Historic Buildings.

Participants will work in teams to work through the manual, to prepare a feasibility study, identifying factors such as: client's objectives and constraints; legal limitations; market factors; and potential national, regional and local factors.

Other factors to consider: political factors; target market; available intervention tools; and physical and technical constraints on the project. Templates to create a project pro forma will be completed for each team.

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