For Immediate Release - June 13, 2018

HARRISBURG, PA- Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) has named its best performing Elm Street Programs of 2017. With the long-term goal of the Elm Street program being to enable local neighborhood revitalization leaders to achieve results, demonstrate worth, and build a sustainable program, Sustainable Organization is of the utmost importance. This priority of focus stems from PDC's many years of experience with the Main Street program. Downtown nor neighborhood revitalization is a short-term process; both require constant attention, which calls for sustained organizational capacity.

Though all Elm Street neighborhoods are expected to focus on action in all five areas, inevitably each neighborhood is different and will therefore exit the planning phase with its own unique set of priorities and goals. The Five Areas of Focus are: Clean, Safe & Green; Neighbors & Economy; Design; Image & Identity; Sustainable Organization.

Elm Street programs are evaluated annually by their coordinating program. PDC, the coordinating program of Main Street and Elm Street programs in Pennsylvania, is proud to see these downtown neighborhood programs acknowledged for their determination to meet Elm Street principles. Each of these downtown neighborhood programs has met the performance standards required by PA Downtown Center. These standards include topics such as training requirements, planning methods, and community involvement. The determining criteria measures program activity as reported annually by local Elm Street Managers. Neighborhood revitalization organizations are then ranked from top to bottom, with the top performing program in each of the sixteen evaluated categories receiving a score of 1. The rankings across all of the categories are then tabulated and the organization with the lowest total number is the top performing program.

PDC, the coordinating program to the National Main Street Center for Main Street programs in Pennsylvania, is honored to see these Elm Street programs acknowledged for the goals they have set, accomplished and in many cases, exceeded.

Founded in 1987, the mission of Pennsylvania Downtown Center is to build and support the capacity of local nonprofit organizations, municipalities and individuals to enhance the overall well-being and sustainability of Pennsylvania’s communities. For more information about the accredited communities or the Main Street program, contact Maria Wherley at (717) 233-4675 ext. 116 or email here.

2018 Best Performing Elm Street Programs