Call for Proposals

The Pennsylvania Downtown Center is seeking session proposals for the Commonwealth’s 2022 Premier Revitalization Conference, hosted in Harrisburg, PA from June 26-29, 2022. Submit your proposal online!

In celebration of Pennsylvania Downtown Center’s 35th Anniversary, the 2022 conference will highlight innovative approaches to community revitalization throughout Pennsylvania. Whether your experience is in business districts, small rural downtowns, residential neighborhoods or somewhere in between, we invite you to present your successes, ideas and knowledge at the 2022 Community Revitalization Conference.

This conference provides attendees with a wide array of educational programming, with sessions that cover revitalization fundamentals, subject-specific strategies, and leadership skills necessary to advance local program efforts.

We welcome submissions that touch on a variety of other topics, including creditworthy sessions based on content and presenters (architects, landscape architects, economic development, planning, legal—i.e. real estate specialists, Certified Local Governments, etc.)—whether in whole or focused on a specific aspect. The following ideas that are often in high demand:

• Active Transportation Plans • Advocacy • Bikeability • Community Branding • Public Relations & Marketing Main Street or Elm Street • Social Media • Building a More Inclusive and Stronger Board • Leadership Development • Business Recruitment and Retention Strategies • Business Incubators vs. Accelerators • Clean and Safe Solutions • Community-based Real Estate Development • Community Greening • Improving Meeting Facilitation and Interpersonal Skills • Housing Trends • Livability • New and Innovative Partnership Ideas • Parking Management • Placemaking • Public and Farmers Markets • Public Art, Murals, and Arts Development • Resiliency & Sustainability • Retail Support • Small Business Assistance and Development • Smart Growth Issues • Transportation • Planning • Sustaining a Viable Organization and Fundraising • Volunteer Recruitment and Management • Walkability • Weathering an Economic Downturn


1) Sessions should be interactive, with a LIMIT of two presenters and be 75 minutes in length.

2) Sessions should provide tools, models or strategies that attendees will be able to make applicable to their own unique situations and communities.

3) Overall quality, salience of topic, well-articulated educational goals, clarity of proposal, and presentation skills of the presenter will all be taken into consideration. Proposals that encourage collaboration and interaction among participants are of special interest.

All session proposals must be submitted by completing this online form and are due by midnight (EST) on January 21st, 2022. If you have questions, please email

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