Introduction to Foundation Directory Online

To win grants, you need the most up-to-date, complete information you can get about grantmakers and the grants they've made. How can you get that? Only from the comprehensive database and powerful search tools Foundation Directory Online offers. This PDC webinar will take you through the online process of researching, using data, telling your story, exploring issues, and more.


Five Year Strategic Plan Webinar

Overview of updated Five Year Strategy template.


How to Better Understand and Utilize Your Organizational Sustainability Plan

Join PDC for an in depth discussion on how to better craft and use the Organizational Sustainability Plan as an integrated and informative tool for your revitalization organization. Whether you’re pursuing a Keystone Communities Main Street or Elm Street designation application, considering doing so in the future, or are a currently designated program - use this discussion as an opportunity to refresh your familiarity with the essential tool.


Building Rehab Summary Sheet - SAMPLE