Statement of Purpose

Section 1726-K (E) of the act of June 28, 2019 (P.L. ___, No. 20), under the Fiscal Code creates within the Commonwealth Financing Authority (the “Authority”) the Blight Remediation Program for blight remediation, including hazard mitigation, within the commonwealth, and authorizes the Authority to adopt guidelines to ensure that grants are made available to all geographic areas of the commonwealth.


Eligible Blight Remediation Program projects must be undertaken by an eligible applicant and include:

  1. Planning Projects – These projects involve the development of a comprehensive blight plan. Eligible projects also include code enforcement technical assistance and the completion of reuse feasibility studies on blighted properties.
  2. Remediation Projects – These projects involve the acquisition, demolition, and/or rehabilitation of blighted properties or properties affected by natural disasters to also include the clearing and preparing of land for future use and projects resulting in visible improvements.

*NOTE: Planning and Remediation projects may not be intermingled. Applications may be submitted for a Planning Project OR a Remediation Project.

Application Period

Applications will be accepted between 06/01/2020 and 07/31/2020. All applications and required supplemental information must be received by 5 pm on 07/31/2020

Download the guidelines