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Designing for Distance

Access the full reports of the conceptual designs and the recorded virtual workshop

The Designing for Distance (D4D) project was idea that came out of PDC’s COVID-19 Recovery and Resiliency Task Force, Public Space Working Group. PDC had an existing grant agreement with Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission (PHMC) to develop a Design Guidelines handbook, but when COVID hit, it became evident that there was an opportunity to develop something that could be more responsive to the needs of the communities, and the Designing for Distance project was born.

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The City Beautiful Movement Mobile Workshop: The Natural Features, Historic Factors, and How the City is Evolving

This tour will be hosted on Monday, June 27. Be sure to register for the conference in time to receive the Early Bird Rate by May 27! See the full […]


Webinar Recap: Save it! Start it! Build it! How to Access American Rescue Plan Funds for Historic Preservation & Economic Development

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) offers a historic opportunity for counties and local municipalities to invest in local projects, programs and organizations. This webinar recording explains why and how you can […]


Navigating a Path Forward: Building Community Resilience from the Ground Up

“Twenty years ago, myself and a small group of residents recognized that Columbia Borough was dying,” says Mayor Leo Lutz on a balmy September day. The backdrop looks anything but […]


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