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Statewide Main Street Program Accomplishments (1987-2019)

PA's Main Streets through the Pandemic

The Impact of the PA Main Street Program on Local Economic Resiliency

During the pandemic Pennsylvania’s Main Streets were an essential link between State decisionmakers and resources and the needs of downtown communities. Main Street programming proved to be a vital tool not just for economic recovery, but also to create the pre-conditions, such as diverse business mixes and customer bases, that bolster economic resiliency. This report reflects the nuanced nature of local economies during a global health crisis. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to supporting downtowns in Pennsylvania and beyond, distributing ongoing resources, funding, and programmatic support is vital to the future economic resilience of businesses across the state.

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Designing for Distance

Access the full reports of the conceptual designs and the recorded virtual workshop

The Designing for Distance (D4D) project was idea that came out of PDC’s COVID-19 Recovery and Resiliency Task Force, Public Space Working Group. PDC had an existing grant agreement with Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission (PHMC) to develop a Design Guidelines handbook, but when COVID hit, it became evident that there was an opportunity to develop something that could be more responsive to the needs of the communities, and the Designing for Distance project was born.

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Perry County Receives Regional Keystone Communities Main Street Designation

The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Deputy Secretary of Community Affairs and Development Rick Vilello recently announced Perry County’s designation as a regional Keystone Communities Main Street, which will […]


Bedford Receives Keystone Communities Main Street Designation

Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Acting Secretary Neil Weaver today announced that Bedford borough has officially been designated as a Keystone Communities Main Street. This designation will aid the borough […]


Pennsylvania Downtown Center Releases New Study Measuring the Resiliency of PA’s Main Streets Throughout the Pandemic

Read the full study here As part of its ongoing mission to support Main Street and Elm Street programs throughout the commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC), in partnership with […]


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