Why Revitalize

Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) leads the movement

Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) leads the movement to ensure that core communities of all shapes and sizes continue to prosper, and that communities that are experiencing social or financial difficulties are provided the tools to reclaim their vitality.

Downtowns have a special place in the minds of Americans. We have fond memories of colorful Fourth of July parades down Main Street, shopping trips spent gazing at holiday storefront displays, and pleasant strolls along bustling pedestrian-crowded avenues.

For many Pennsylvania communities, these are not mere memories but a continuing way of life within vibrant downtowns. Residents of these cities and towns know firsthand that such details invaluably enhance and encourage community spirit.

Community leaders and citizens across the commonwealth work to ensure that their downtowns and surrounding neighborhoods remain vital places to live and work. Motivated by the goal of retaining or regaining a sense of place increasingly lost to suburban sprawl, these citizens desire to live and work in places that they are proud to call home.

Since 1987, PDC has provided local groups with the techniques and strategies necessary to recapture or sustain their downtown or neighborhood as a vibrant civic, social, and economic hub.



  • Main Street and Elm Street managers and boards
  • Improvement districts and authorities
  • Neighborhood revitalization organizations
  • Economic development corporations
  • Municipal officials
  • Cities, boroughs, and townships
  • Community volunteers
  • Corporate advisors
  • Partnering statewide organizations

PDC’s revitalization philosophy identifies ongoing professional management as a critical component of a thorough revitalization plan. Our objective assessments, educational and training programs, publications, and resource library are designed to offer assistance to downtowns and residential neighborhoods, and our dedicated professional Staff and Board are committed to providing useful and timely information. PDC’s Programs and Services provide affordable outreach and technical assistance to communities, uniquely tailored to their unique economic and social environments.


  • Spur business development
  • Increase the local tax base
  • Create jobs
  • Stimulate the housing market
  • Increase occupancy rates
  • Fight sprawl
  • Draw investors
  • Rehabilitate empty buildings
  • Reflect the history of the community
  • Promote civic pride
  • Utilize existing infrastructure
  • Increase community involvement
  • Reaffirm commitment and inspire involvement from local leaders
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