May 6, 2020

Maps can help us do more than track the spread of the virus.

Maps can provide us with the insights needed to create data-driven strategic interventions in communities across the United States. They allow us to identify where vulnerable populations live, hospitals that might be at risk of a surge in cases, neighborhoods without access to telehealth services or disproportionately impacted populations. Maps with data from disparate sources in a single application can illuminate answers to these issues.

Today, we are releasing a single, publicly available (beta) application focused on answering crucial questions faced by communities dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 virus. We’re calling it PolicyMap COVID-19 Quick Maps.

Our mission, since we launched PolicyMap in 2008, has been to curate, normalize, and make available disparate geographic data from across siloed agencies and private sector entities in a single, easy-to-use, application so that policymakers and others can more easily make data-driven decisions.

Now, with the current crisis gripping the US, data needs a place at the table more than ever.

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