Nature-Based Placemaking

Nature-Based Placemaking Handbook

This handbook was developed through a partnership between the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and the Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC), a statewide nonprofit corporation. The concepts and methodologies that follow may be applied as a way for communities that are looking to utilize their natural recreational resources as assets to grow and enhance their community and economic development strategies.

Pennsylvania’s Outdoor Recreation Economy Executive Summary

One-page summary of the full economic impact analysis

Pennsylvania’s Outdoor Recreation Economy

Exploring the Economic Development Potential of Nature-Based Placemaking

Nature-Based Placemaking; Connecting Nature, Commerce & Community

Journey across the state of Pennsylvania to see the real, on the ground impact of outdoor recreation. Traversing trail communities and gathering perspectives from all aspects – small business owners, investors, thought leaders in entrepreneurship and trail culture – this piece illustrates how nature-based placemaking can improve the economic vitality, quality of life, and sense of place within a community. This is about more than just a physical connection between a town and a recreational asset – it’s a vehicle for the entire community to be embraced and cultivated.

NBPM Business Enhancement & Development Workshop Recording

This workshop is targeted towards existing and potential entrepreneurs in your community. Focusing on: business retention, expansion, and recruitment tools and resources; applicable financial resources; the importance of understanding your existing and potential customer; as well as understanding regional economics in becoming a Nature-Based Place.

NBPM Local Leadership Development Workshop Recording

This workshop is geared towards elected officials, nonprofit leaders, and other local community stakeholders to better understand the economic opportunities and social benefits of being a Nature-Based Place.

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