Fraud Alert!

PDC has been informed by our contacts at PA Small Business Development Centers that no one should need to pay for services to apply for SBA loans.

The application process is very simple and there are plenty of people to assist free of charge. There are 16 SBDC centers across the state that have been doing one on one consulting with a multitude of applicants since the SBA loan application opened.

In addition, the SBA District offices are offering assistance, as is SCORE, Women’s Business Centers, Veterans organizations, Chambers of Commerce, the Certified Economic Development Centers, and State Economic Development, along with countless others.

There are webinars everywhere as well, including at least two each week provided directly by some very knowledgeable individuals at SBA.

“I would suggest anyone in the community you are working with to contact their local SBDC. We are here to help with these programs.” Margaret Horne, Director; Gannon University SBDC

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