Main Street Matters: DCED Secretary Rick Siger Visits Ephrata to Highlight the Proposed $25 Million Investment to Create Economic Opportunity for Main Streets Across Pennsylvania

Ephrata, PA – The Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) Secretary Rick Siger, joined by local leaders, continued Governor Josh Shapiro’s statewide “Main Street Matters” tour, emphasizing the proposed $600 million investments in the Commonwealth’s Main Streets, small businesses, and local communities. Pennsylvania Downtown Center’s Executive Director Julie Fitzpatrick was among the speakers at the event, underscoring the importance of supporting small businesses and revitalizing downtown areas.

Secretary Siger reiterated Governor Shapiro’s commitment to nurturing vibrant main streets, recognizing them as essential components of thriving local economies. As part of the proposed 2024-25 budget, which aims to foster economic opportunity statewide, Secretary Siger visited small businesses in Ephrata’s Main Street district.

Governor Shapiro and Secretary Siger have been engaging with small business owners across Pennsylvania to understand their needs and challenges. The proposed Main Street Matters program, backed by a $25 million investment, seeks to empower communities with resources to enhance their main streets, making them more attractive for residents, visitors, and businesses.

During the visit to downtown Ephrata, Secretary Siger and local leaders met with representatives from businesses like Windsor-Mount Joy Insurance, Casa Huerta Mexican Grocery, and Pour Man’s Brewing Company. These interactions highlighted the significance of initiatives like the Main Street Matters program in driving economic growth and revitalization efforts.

Joy Ashley, Executive Director of Mainspring of Ephrata, expressed gratitude for Governor Shapiro’s investment in the Main Street program, recognizing its potential to positively impact communities across Pennsylvania.

The Main Street Matters tour aligns with Governor Shapiro’s broader economic development agenda, aimed at positioning Pennsylvania as a leader in innovation and economic growth. The Governor’s proposed budget includes significant investments to support this vision, including $500 million for PA SITES funding, $20 million for innovation initiatives, and $3.5 million for the Pennsylvania Regional Economic Competitiveness Challenge.



For more information on this initiative and other economic development strategies, visit Governor Josh Shapiro’s Budget website and explore Pennsylvania’s first economic development strategy in 20 years.

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