Pennsylvania Downtown Center Awards Best Performing Programs

The top performing Main Street Programs across the Commonwealth are: 1st – Easton Main Street Initiative, 2nd – Building a Better Boyertown, 3rd – Our Town Foundation (Hamburg), 4th – Quakertown Alive!, 5th – Ebensburg Main Street Partnership, 6th – Downtown Lewistown, Inc., 7th – Downtown Hazleton Alliance for Progress, 8th Oil City Main Street Program, 9th – Castle Shannon Revitalization Corp., and 10th – Downtown Bedford, Inc.

Also named are these best performing Elm Street programs for 2019. These downtown neighborhood programs are evaluated annually by PDC, the coordinating program of Main Street and Elm Street programs in Pennsylvania. Each of these downtown neighborhood programs has met the performance standards required by PA Downtown Center. These standards include topics such as training requirements, planning methods, and community involvement.The top performing Elm Street Programs across the

Commonwealth are:1st – City of Bradford – 2nd Ward, 2nd – Lewisburg Neighborhood Corp., 3rd – Spanish American Civic Association (Lancaster), 4th – City of Allentown – Upside, 5th – Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network (Erie) – Little Italy.

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