The Pennsylvania Equitable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Workshop

Is your downtown ready for an entrepreneurial transformation? Wondering how communities revive their spirit and bring life back to their downtowns? Here’s your golden opportunity to find out! It all begins with harnessing the potential within your community and utilizing the resources you already possess.

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What to Expect:

This free EEE workshop is designed exclusively for rural communities in Pennsylvania. Delve into topics like Place and Home, Talent and Skill Development, Networking, DEIA, Financial Opportunities, Education, Culture, and Government Regulations. Whether you come alone or with a team representing your community, you are welcome to attend and learn.


Why Attend? Explore essential tools and templates to assess your community’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Understand the role of Main Street and partner organizations, and identify targeted next steps for equitable growth. We encourage communities to attend in small groups but recognize that individual attendees are equally valuable.

Before the Event: Receive a detailed agenda and overview beforehand to prepare for an engaging and informative session.

This workshop is proudly supported by the Equitable Ecosystems in Rural Main Streets Program, led by Main Street America in collaboration with Forward Cities and supported by the Kauffman Foundation.

About Us: Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC) is your go-to resource for technical assistance, education, and support for Main Street and Elm Street Programs in Pennsylvania. We are part of a vast network of over 1,200 communities nationwide committed to building stronger communities through preservation-based economic development.

Discover more about us and our partners:

Main Street America Website

Forward Cities Website

Join us for an enlightening session! Let’s empower entrepreneurs and build vibrant, equitable communities together!

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