2023 Call for Proposals


The Pennsylvania Downtown Center is seeking session proposals for the Commonwealth’s 2023 Premier Revitalization Conference, hosted in Scranton, PA from June 25-28, 2023. Submit by January 27, 2023.


Making Room: Housing for a Vibrant Community
In an era where the quantity and quality of housing options in our core communities has become increasingly important, Main Street and Elm Street programs are uniquely positioned to serve as a powerful tool in addressing community housing issues. Small-scale development, adaptive reuse, and upper floor activation projects can all play a crucial role in helping communities solve a range of issues, from not only residential but also expanded commercial space. Join us as we explore new approaches to identify housing opportunities, empower developers, nonprofits, and local governments in understanding financing mechanisms, and so much more for a vision of housing throughout the commonwealth that closes the gap between current housing realities and a brighter future.

This conference provides attendees with a wide array of educational programming, with sessions that cover revitalization fundamentals, subject-specific strategies, and leadership skills necessary to advance local program efforts.

We welcome submissions that touch on a variety of other topics, including creditworthy sessions based on content and presenters (architects, landscape architects, economic development, planning, legal—i.e. real estate specialists, Certified Local Governments, etc.)—whether in whole or focused on a specific aspect.

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