Frequently Asked Questions

How do I participate or refer a Pennsylvania community?

If you are a FHLBank member or a member of a community interested in participating in Blueprint Communities, or if you wish to refer a community, please contact Pennsylvania Downtown Center at (717) 413-4630 or email, Julie Fitzpatrick, at

Need technical support as a Blueprint Community Applicant?

Requests must be received no later than Monday, November 20th

The Center for Rural Pennsylvania has offered to provide technical support to any Blueprint Communities® applicant who may need assistance accessing census tract information or additional demographic data for their community application or to help develop a map of their focus area. For assistance, please contact Jonathan Johnson, Senior Policy Analyst – Center for Rural Pennsylvania – |717.787.9555

What if I missed an Information Session?

We’ve got you! Below is the link to rewatch the October 12th Information Session, as well as the powerpoint and Q&A documents. If you still have further questions please reach out to us!


How do I write my Municipal Letter of Support?

Click here for letter of support template 


What are the major requirements needed for a Blueprint Communities Application?

Application Checklist:



  • The Blueprint Community Application (including community information, team member information, and reasons for applying)
  • Map of the proposed Blueprint Community focus area – please be sure to show census tract(s), business or neighborhood district boundaries, and special points of interest.
  • Letter of Support from FHLBank member
  • Letter of Support from local government member (template available)


  • Relevant community plans, vision, and/or economic position statements.


Does the “Local Government Official” have to be an elected official or could it be an individual internal to City Hall or a staff member, e.g. Director of Codes & Planning, Borough/City Manager, etc.)?

No, the Local Government Official does not have to be an elected official, as we have had staff participate in the past cohorts. Remember that the main goal is to make sure that the Blueprint Communities® plan aligns with what the municipality is doing and will have their support. If the community decides to have a municipal staff person be the local government representative, make sure that they have a role that provides advisement to the elected officials. During the planning process, we will also be advising that the team is presenting occasionally to the municipal council to make sure all are on the same page too.”

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