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How Outdoor Recreation Strengthens Your Local Economy

Outdoor recreation generates $28.5 billion in economic activity in the state of Pennsylvania each year. Earlier this year the Pennsylvania Downtown Center undertook a comprehensive study to understand how the state’s natural assets can serve as an economic driver for its local communities. This session will summarize the study’s findings, including how outdoor recreation impacts the local and statewide economy and the ways in which Nature-Based Placemaking strategies can help direct spending from recreational visitors to local businesses.

Presented by Jon Stover, founder and Managing Partner of Jon Stover & Associates and Leslie Gray, AICP, this session will summarize the study’s findings, including how outdoor recreation impacts the local and statewide economy and the ways in which Nature-Based Placemaking strategies can help direct spending from recreational visitors to local businesses. Recorded July 13, 2021

Foundation Directory Online Introduction

To win grants, you need the most up-to-date, complete information you can get about grant makers and the grants they’ve made. How can you get that? Only from the comprehensive database and powerful search tools Foundation Directory Online offers. This PDC slide deck will take you through the online process of researching, using data, telling your story, exploring issues, and more.

Volunteering When Traditional Opportunities are not Available

What does PIVOT mean when we talk about volunteers? The session will cover an overview of the shifts in volunteering from COVID; trends in skills based volunteering and new ways of connecting with volunteers. In response to members requests, PDC is pleased to host Karen Smith, CEO, Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley. In this role, Karen focuses on developing programs and services to enhance the nonprofit organizations and the relationships with the business community. Recorded September 29, 2020

Impact of Upper Floor Housing

In this webinar, Donovan Rypkema of PlaceEconomics will lead you through how to calculate the impact of a unit of upper floor housing in your community. Recorded June 24, 2020

Cost of an Empty Building

In this webinar, Donovan Rypkema of PlaceEconomics will lead you through how to calculate the cost of an empty building in your community. Recorded June 17, 2020

PlaceEconomics is a private sector firm with over thirty years of experience in the thorough and robust analysis of the economic impacts of historic preservation. We conduct studies, surveys, and workshops in cities and states across the country that are addressing issues of downtown, neighborhood, and commercial district revitalization and the reuse of historic buildings. We specialize in quality, defensible research, and present findings clearly and effectively in formats that can be understood by academics, economists, mayors, city council members, property owners, and local stakeholders alike.

How to better understand and utilize your Organizational Sustainability Plan

We here at PDC are very interested in working with your organization to ensure that your DCED designation (or re-designation) application is approved as expeditiously as possible. We can tell you from years of experience that the biggest factor delaying application approvals is a poorly prepared Organizational/Manager Sustainability Plan. A well-constructed, and evidence-based Organizational Sustainability Plan is not only a REQUIREMENT for approval of your Main Street or Elm Street designation application, it is also a critically important document in ensuring the success of your local revitalization effort.

Join PDC for an in depth discussion on how to better craft and use the Organizational Sustainability Plan as an integrated and informative tool for your revitalization organization. Whether you’re pursuing a Keystone Communities Main Street or Elm Street designation application, considering doing so in the future, or are a currently designated program – use this discussion as an opportunity to refresh your familiarity with the essential tool. This webinar is also a good educational opportunity for those not seeking designation, but just looking to better plan for the staffing and administrative costs of your local revitalization effort. Managers/directors, board members, and organizational sustainability committee members are welcome to attend. Recorded June 11, 2020

#ReadyforPreservation: Tools and Tips to Support Your Downtown’s Recovery and Revitalization

Pennsylvania downtowns are the economic, social, and cultural heart of many communities. Downtown buildings, businesses and activities often reflect a community’s history, values and economic core as well as the aspirations of local leaders and community members. Today, Pennsylvania downtowns are facing the daunting task of responding to the current economic havoc and planning for future challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of those efforts, there are many ways in which the application of a traditional downtown design ethic can be appropriately and thoughtfully integrated into recovery efforts.

Join the Pennsylvania Downtown Center and staff from the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office for a one-hour webinar to explore different ways your community can sensitively manage the changes we face as a result of the pandemic’s impact. Based upon the Main Street principles of Economic Vitality and Design, this webinar is focused on providing realistic and practical suggestions for communities of all shapes and sizes whether they are in the reaction, response, or recovery phase. Among topics to be covered will be messaging, vacancy management or prevention, Historic Architectural Review Board or Preservation Commission activities and more. Recorded May 28, 2020

Speakers include:
• Mary Tate, Pennsylvania Downtown Center
• Cory Kegerise/PA SHPO Eastern Region Community Preservation Coordinator
• Bryan Van Sweden/PA SHPO Central Region Community Preservation Coordinator
• Bill Callahan/PA SHPO Western Region Community Preservation Coordinator

Center for Regional Agriculture, Food, and Transformation (CRAFT) at Chatham University

Please Join CRAFT’s* Food Innovation Lab manager, Nicolette Spudic, to learn more about the Lab’s mission, capacity, and how we can help your businesses thrive. Topics include a Regional Food Systems Data briefing, our Western PA Foodways collection and a round table discussion on best practices related COVID response.

Through the work of the Food Innovation Lab CRAFT can provide technical assistance to food-based businesses in various stages of the business life cycle. Whether the need is for targeted, specific deliverables such as a menu revamp or more nuanced assistance such as start-up coaching, the Food Innovation Lab can provide your food-based business with what it needs to thrive. Recorded May 13, 2020

Event Modification & Future Trends to Consider

Discussion on how communities are modifying their events, in anticipation of the slow opening and recovery; Naomi Naylor will share the changes in planning that they’re trying to anticipate in Quakertown, Mark Ickes will share what DMO’s are anticipating and looking to for trends to expect in events, tourism and hospitality, and Lauren Zumbrun will share what Downtown Hershey has already done to modify some of their events. Recorded May 12, 2020

Arts & Culture in a Time of Crisis

Presented by Sarah Merritt, Director of Pennsylvania Creative Communities at Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and Patrick Fisher, Executive Director at Erie Arts & Culture. Recorded May 5, 2020

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