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Field Services Specialist


Bill began honing his skills as a showman in 1978 when he sold tickets to neighborhood kids to watch a bootlegged VHS copy of Star Wars, but found his first true calling in the film industry, working for 20 years as a location manager and scout on projects like, Beloved, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, After Earth, Dispatches from Elsewhere, and The Italian Job.

In addition to his avocation in the movies, he has worked as a public school teacher, for a minor league baseball team, director of an independent micro cinema, little league coach in the inner city, as a disc jockey, and theatre empresario, founding and producing Liberty City Radio Theatre.

Prior to PA Downtown Center, he was the Assistant Director of the South Street Headhouse District in Philadelphia, where he managed special events, community and municipal relations, grant administration, homeless outreach, infrastructure maintenance and all the sundry pots and pans of commercial corridor management.

A graduate of Messiah College in Grantham, PA, he studied film at Temple University and recently earned a Master’s in Public Administration at West Chester University.

He loves discovering new roads, pie at the diner, watching the Hope & Crosby movies, Elvis impersonators at the County Fair and sneaking out of work to take in a baseball game.

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