Iris Peters

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Special Projects & Content Development Specialist


Iris Peters, an advocate for the influential power of storytelling, joins the Pennsylvania Downtown Center as a Special Projects & Content Development Specialist. With a belief in the strength of narratives in shaping brands and individuals, she passionately prioritizes open communication to foster community and elevate brand recognition. Iris, currently pursuing a Marketing degree from Arizona State University, brings a wealth of experience in digital marketing and advertising roles. Her tenure as an Economic Development Coordinator and Marketing Coordinator showcases her proficiency in CRM management, grant processing, and successful social media campaigns, amplifying engagement through social media by up to 240% at Perry County Economic Development Authority. Iris has experience crafting compelling content, designing marketing materials, and conducting workshops, consistently spotlighting local businesses’ success stories. She is driven by a collaborative spirit and a penchant for data-driven results, aspiring to inspire others by sharing her own compelling narrative.

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