It’s Never Too Late to Advocate

In these final weeks of budget appropriations, make sure your elected officials know the importance of Keystone Communities Program line item in the DCED budget.

Even during the most recent year of the pandemic in 2021, Main Street and Elm Street programs have been able to deliver on the following impact: 178 Net FT Jobs & 252 Net PT Jobs; 71 Net New Businesses; 176 building rehab projects; 41 public improvement projects; and over $64.78 million public investment, matched with over $16.4 million in private investment, all while being the boots on the ground responsive resource their communities have come to rely on.

Many local managers are spending  50% of their time or more just raising funds to support the program rather than doing the important work of community revitalization.

We know that joining together amplifies our voice and impacts the decisions that are made, and so we feel it’s critical to highlight several key talking points to showcase impact and advocate for the highest levels of funding that our Main Street advocates can take to their elected officials. Please download our 2022-23 kit, which includes updated statistics and key talking points, to assist you in your efforts.

Consider Coordinating a Site Visit

Persistence is key and there is never an inopportune time to host an elected official. Whether that happens before an election or after an election — it is always helpful to understand the important role our communities have in supporting our nation’s economic recovery and resilience. In addition to communicating key talking points, hosting a site visit can also prove invaluable in this key moment to provide legislators with a unique opportunity to see first-hand how the government is leveraging significant private investment through its programs and incentives. Scheduling can often be the most difficult aspect of a site visit, but with follow-up efforts and work to develop a rapport with the office, a little patience can go a long way to further developing the relationship and underscore that you aim to become a trusted advisor and resource on economic development, small business and historic preservation issues.

Ask your Legislators Key Questions

Are you aware that the Commonwealth’s Main Street and Elm Street programs are funded through the Keystone Communities Program?

Are you aware that a third-party study has indicated that the Commonwealth generates $7.87 in direct revenue for every dollar put into the Main Street Program?

Are you aware that this funding source was cut by 90% by the previous administration, from approximately $56 million in 2009 to about $6.4 million today, or about $.54 per person?

Would you support increasing the line item for the Keystone Communities Program from $6.4 million before legislative supplements to $15 million before legislative supplements?

Download our kit to help guide your advocacy efforts!

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