Value Statement

May these values act as guiding principles to navigate how we treat each other, serve our customers and determine appropriate partnerships.


We seek out, recognize and celebrate what is real, genuine and unique about each other, our members and our communities. We value diversity and encourage creative expression.


We believe in honoring the balance among people, planet and profit. We take into consideration this triple bottom line when aligning ourselves with potential partner organizations and companies. We are advocates for social, economic and environmental justice as these impact community revitalization.


We want to evolve. We strive to constantly expand our knowledge base as leaders in the field of community revitalization. We seek to be both adaptive and creative, continuously improving. We foster the entrepreneurial spirit and are open to new ideas.


We cooperate and are willing to work together. We recognize the importance of connectedness and we actively explore and develop partnerships. We operate with our partners in a synergistic fashion by building dynamic networks and thereby increase the potential for mutual successes.


We communicate, demonstrate and reflect excitement and enthusiasm for the work we do. We create an enjoyable environment that motivates, energizes and celebrates a passion for the inspiring work of community revitalization.


We are honest, accountable and transparent as individuals and as an organization. We act respectfully and respond thoughtfully with a consistent ethic of service to our communities. We follow through on our promises as we put our values into action.

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